J. Paul Taylor

My name is Paul Taylor, known online and to my friends as theaardvark, and whilst I might look like a character from The Vikings, I am in actual fact your LibDem candidate for Burntwood South in the Staffordshire County Council May 2021 elections.

I am a local family man who has spent 95% of my life in Burntwood and raised my 3 children here, who are now grown up. As a former local business owner myself, I am passionate about championing and supporting other local businesses and groups in Burntwood and getting the best for its people.

As a former civil servant and a current attendee of all the public meetings held by the council, I have a clear idea about how the system works and how I can make a difference if I am elected. 

As I am not standing for one of the controlling or opposition parties in the area, I can offer a fair, non-biased common-sense approach and will put Burntwood’s needs at the heart of any decisions I am a part of.

I want the best for Burntwood, to ensure it gets its fair share of funding and support from the county, and will campaign for a new health centre as well as a fresh approach for the planning and infrastructure that is needed in the town centre.

My business knowledge is strong as I work in VAT and Customs Duty, which may sound dull but has given me great insight into regulations and finances. In stark contrast to my day job, at the weekend I am a DJ, live-streaming mixed music shows. I ran a successful DJ business with my wife for nearly 30 years. The huge range of both corporate and entertainment clients over the years means my communication skills are top-notch and I am comfortable in any environment and have a diverse local network.

The recent pandemic has changed how a lot of us do work and business and how local government functions. Councils are now embracing technology for meetings and communications. I have been working with these technologies daily for the last 15 years+. And I know this knowledge will help me excel in my role as a councillor.

My life hasn’t always been straight forward, I have previously been a carer and I am well aware of the strain this can put on a person and their family and I will always provide a voice for carers and help them get the support they need.

I strive to make a difference and over the last 3 years I have undertaken numerous charity challenges in and around Burntwood. These have included walking 1 million steps in February 2020, walking The Two Saints Way (Lichfield to Chester) and a 66-mile swim over 12 weeks at the Burntwood Leisure Centre, all of which created some online recognition for myself and the charities involved.

Overall, I believe government both central and local should put people first and should be supporting those in difficult or poor circumstances, and I will be fighting for fairness and equity throughout Burntwood and pledge to be a true voice for local people if you vote for me.

#VoteLibDem #PaulT4Burntwood