3rd Weekend of Campaigning for Chasetown By-Election

3rd Weekend of Campaigning for Chasetown By-Election

Campaigning activities for the #Chasetown ward District Council by-election were in full swing again this weekend. Across the weekend, I was delivering letters to all the postal voters in the ward. I also spent time each afternoon knocking on doors and talking to residents.
Speaking to people is always my favourite part of this process, even if they're not Labour voters. It helps me get a deeper understanding of what's on people's minds and confirms I'm focussing on the right things.
It's nice to speak to confirmed Labour voters keen to support me on 3rd Nov. It's also pleasing to speak to people who are unsure - whether they don't often vote, like to make up their minds each time or are disillusioned Conservative voters who are open to persuasion. And there's been a few of that last group this time round.
Thank you so much to my wife Sharon Taylor, and James Blackman for their assistance over the weekend.


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Election Leaflet

Over the last week, we've been delivering leaflets across the Chasetown ward.

It's an introduction to me as a candidate with a brief description of what I stand for and the type of councillor I am.

If you've not received one, you can read it here or download a PDF copy.

Download PDF.

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Chasetown By-Election Day 2

Chasetown By-Election Day 2

Day 2 of campaigning and we walked down Chasetown High Street from the Morrisons island to Cameron Homes including Chase Vale, Hill Street, Elunda Grove, Union Street, New Street, Chestnut Close and Oak Vale.
Thank you again to Dave Robertson, and to Robert Birch and Anne Hughes for their help and company.

The response I've had this weekend has been incredibly positive. Lots of Labour voters saying they'll come out. Lots of undecided voters listening to me and saying they'll vote for me or will definitely think about doing so. Lots of people are upset with the Conservatives for the mess that is the current Govt.
Thank you, especially, to the people who definitely won't vote for me for still being civil, polite and friendly about it. I still look forward to working for you if I should win.


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First Day of Campaigning for 2022 By-Election

First Day of Campaigning for 2022 By-Election

Had a fantastic first day of campaigning for the Chasetown ward Lichfield District Council by-election. Thank you to Dave Robertson and Marvin Shortman for their help canvassing residents on the Burntwood Manor estate. And to the Burntwood & Hammerwich Labour Party Branch, esp Steve Norman and my agent Susan Woodward.
It's been a while since I last did this and I'd forgotten how energising it is to get out and talk to residents. It was good to chat not just about the election but also about what Burntwood Town Council is doing. Residents were pleased to hear about Burntwood Producers Market and the Burntwood Response Team.
Looking forward to getting out some more this weekend and to delivering leaflets with more details about what I and the local party stand for.

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Website Banner

Website Banner

The local elections for Staffordshire County Council and Lichfield District Council are the first ones I've ever stood in and campaigned in. They're also very different to any other election given the significant restrictions on campaigning caused by Covid-19.

As a "newbie" to local politics, my biggest problem is that I'm possibly not as well known to voters as existing councillors or others from more established local parties.

Traditionally candidates would overcome this by getting out and meeting people in local public spaces or at organised events such as hustings. As I cannot do this I need to try to introduce myself in different ways.

One of the ways I'm trying to do that is through this website and one of the ways I'm hoping to let people know about this website is with my URL banner.


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